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ONE TIME OFFER - Only $9.97: Upgrade your 30-minute Crystal Call to a 1-hour Diamond Call giving extra time to create a more complete plan for your child's learning and answer your questions.

Select your child's favorite game from the list below:
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'Videogame Math Genius' Pack
This bundle will:
  • Engage your child and have them rushing to do their math work by using their favorite game as the focus for the Math workbooks and exercises
  • Boost their speed of learning and Math ability
  • Provide you with tutorials about how to create your own Math resources
  • ​Boost your child's Math grades and move them to the top of the class

60-Day 'Better Math Grades' Guarantee

The purchase includes a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If, after testing the workbooks and system with your child for 60 days, your child hasn't improved their math grades you can claim a full refund and you'll get to keep the workbooks and tutorial videos.


"I had them printed off and they were left on the side in the kitchen…. She immediately recognised the Minecraft theme and that peaked her interest straight away. I explained what they were and she was a bit hesitant but still was eager to look through and try the questions. With her normal maths homework it’s a real struggle so this was a massive positive. So I would definitely say she engaged more with the learning because the context was related to Minecraft.

She has really improved with her maths over the last few months but still found some of the questions tough…. She enjoyed the sequence questions and the colouring in on the multiplication square. I feel that the game context helped her see the problems clearer and in turn she was more engaged and willing to sit and practice/work out the solutions.

I would say overall they have helped her ability in her weaker areas. Her areas of weakness are times tables/multiplication. I think relating maths to something she’s interested in was a great turning point and helped her see numbers as a daily life tool rather than an annoying subject at school. It boosted her confidence and I hope that’s something she can take forward into the future."
“I left the worksheets on thedining table and I didn'tmention anything but theyimmediately recognized theMinecraft theme. Duringthe weekend, I offered to havesome math time and theyshowed me the worksheets andtold me to start with these.”
“My son has done some of the FIFA worksheets when we've had time and he loved them."
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