ATTENTION: Parents of children aged 8-9 years old

DISCOVER HOW children across the country 
are boosting their math grades through 
their love of videogames...

And how you can make your Kids view you as a super parent

this is For Parents who want to boost their child's math grades 
Have them rushing to do their math work

Videogames are fun and engaging....
and math can be too!


As unbelievable as it sounds children all over the country are boosting their math grades thanks to their love of videogames.

Let me explain because I know it sounds crazy.

We're all told videogames are bad for kids because they keep kids glued to a screen, limiting their social interactions and stopping them going outside to play.
Because videogames have caught their attention and they love them so much, parents who can introduce math work that are tied into the games their kids love playing are seeing improved math grades from their kids.

But even better than that, I've made it super easy for any parent to take ownership and help assist with their child's learning especially in these challenging times.

With school closures and lesson disruptions it has fallen on you as a parent to manage your child's learning and getting them to do learning at home can be a struggle when all they want to do is play games.
And that's why these 182 worksheets, based on your child's favorite videogame, cover the whole curriculum and bridge the gap while boosting your child's math grades. They also include all the answers making it quick and easy for you to mark your child's work and check their progress.

Because these worksheets are directly related to the videogames your child loves to play they'll be rushing to do them and that's how you can turn your child into a math genius.

THIS is for you if....

  • You want to boost the Math grades of your child
  • Your child plays videogames a few hours a week
  • Your child is aged 8-9 years old
  • ​You are tired of constantly searching for Math resources
  • ​You want Math resources that your child will actually be interested in
  • ​You recognize that the school system is failing your child
  • ​You want to give your child the best chance in life


The 'Videogame Math Genius' Pack is a collection of 182 worksheets covering all the major Math topics for 8-9 year olds. There's worksheets for Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication & Division, Fractions & Decimals and 4 other main topic areas.

It was created to act as a complete resource for your child and so that you no longer need to spend your time finding resources that are interesting and engaging.

What makes it different?

The worksheets in the pack and the math questions are all based on the key features and context from popular videogames. Is your child's favorite game Minecraft? Then select the "Minecraft" version of the pack. Or if they prefer Roblox you simply select the "Roblox" version of this pack.


"I had them printed off and they were left on the side in the kitchen…. She immediately recognised the Minecraft theme and that peaked her interest straight away. I explained what they were and she was a bit hesitant but still was eager to look through and try the questions. With her normal maths homework it’s a real struggle so this was a massive positive. So I would definitely say she engaged more with the learning because the context was related to Minecraft.

She has really improved with her maths over the last few months but still found some of the questions tough…. She enjoyed the sequence questions and the colouring in on the multiplication square. I feel that the game context helped her see the problems clearer and in turn she was more engaged and willing to sit and practice/work out the solutions.

I would say overall they have helped her ability in her weaker areas. Her areas of weakness are times tables/multiplication. I think relating maths to something she’s interested in was a great turning point and helped her see numbers as a daily life tool rather than an annoying subject at school. It boosted her confidence and I hope that’s something she can take forward into the future."
“I left the worksheets on the dining table and I didn't mention anything but they immediately recognized the Minecraft theme. During the weekend, I offered to have some math time and they showed me the worksheets and told me to start with these.”
“My son has done some of the FIFA worksheets when we've had time and he loved them."

WHAT's IN the 'videogame math genius' pack?

1) 182 Math Worksheets based on your child's favorite videogame

  7 Math Workbooks (182 worksheets!) based on your child's favourite game (pick from Minecraft, Roblox, FIFA and Fortnite) covering all the major Math topics
  Boosts your child's Math skills because every question is related to their favorite videogame and they're Math exercises and workbooks they'll actually want to complete!
  Answer sheets for every question making it super simple to mark their work quickly and easily

2) 'Beat The Boss' 7-day video course

 A step-by-step guide on the 6 most important things to look for inside your child's favorite game including;

Progression Systems - what they are and how to identify them

Achievements - how to earn them and what they mean

Resources - how to collect them and how to use them

Rewards - how actions in the game can lead to rewards

Online Play - how to team up with other players for success

Transactions - how to identify transaction systems in games
  Learn how to make your own math resources from your child's favorite videogame

60-Day 'Better Math Grades' Guarantee

You'll be delighted with your child's math results after using these worksheets and our system. It's all been specifically designed to increase engagement and get them interested in doing their math work and the result will be that their math grades go up. However, if after testing this with your child for the next 60 days you find that your child's math grades haven't improved simply get in touch for a full 100% refund no questions asked, and you'll get to keep all the Workbooks and Tutorial Videos.


FREE BONUS #1: The 4 School Secrets Impacting Your Child's Progress 
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  What color-coded reports really mean and the talk you need to have with your child's teacher TODAY!
  Why computer tests at school make your child look bottom of the class
  Why your child is being left behind and not making progress
  How the school system is failing you and your child with a "once through" model

FREE BONUS #2: 30-minute Crystal Call ($125 value)

  A personal call with the team to start creating an action plan to support your child that's clear and easy
  We'll provide some suggestions on the best next steps to continue boosting your child's math skills
  Guidance on the games your child is playing

FREE BONUS #3: 30-day access to our weekly 'Superbrain' group calls 
($997 value)

  Weekly calls enabling you to have direct access to the gaming experts
  Each call includes a question and answer session
  The chance to hear and learn from other parents who are on a similar journey

FREE BONUS #4: Lifetime Access to our Private Facebook Group 
($1499 value)

  A safe space for you to discuss with other parents your children and their videogame habits 
  A space for you to ask questions and get feedback from our team of experts
  A place to get early information and updates about new Math resources and other relevant activities
Just these bonuses alone are worth $2,688...
And you get access to all of them for free when you sign up to get instant access to this 'Videogame Math Genius' Pack...

For just one small payment of 
One-time payment, no hidden fees, no subscription.

And remember, you're backed by our 'Better Math Grades' 60-Day Guarantee. After implementing this with your child, if you don't see a noticeable improvement in their math grades in the next 60 days you can get in touch with us to get your money back. 

About Philip Wride

My Story And Why I Created These Math Resources

In January 2020 I broke my neck.

I was playing rugby and got in the wrong position when I went to tackle an opposing player. After the tackle I struggled to walk off the pitch, weaving from side to side and for the next 3 weeks I couldn’t really move my head or neck. The force of the impact had pulled all the muscles in and around my neck and upper back.
I went to see a consultant, got some scans and reviewed the results. The consultant suggested I have surgery to insert a plate and screws into my neck to help it heal and to provide some stability. My insurance company was less than helpful and I couldn’t afford the surgery but then COVID hit and so I didn’t have the surgery – I left my neck in the hope that it would heal naturally.

This was the first thing that started to change my life.

Jump to January 2021 and I got COVID

After having COVID for the first time in January 2021 (this was before I’d had any vaccinations) I started some personal development programs and one of the exercises I had to complete was on the topic of impact and contribution. The question I had to answer was – “what is going to be said about you at your funeral in your eulogy”.

My business was struggling and I realised the work I was doing wasn’t actually having any real positive impact and I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. I then began thinking about how I could make a positive impact on the world and how I could use the skills and experience I had collected.

My partner is an elementary/primary school teacher and I have 2 nephews, both 8, and a niece, 7, who play videogames. At home my partner and I were always discussing her class (she teaches 8-9 years old), their interests and the lessons she had done during the day. We also regularly talked about the planning she did for upcoming lessons and there was an instance where she needed to create a lesson plan for math on the topic of perimeter. I knew her class were all interested in the videogame Among Us and so I suggested creating a lesson plan related to the game. Among Us is a game where part of it has you and other players complete tasks in different rooms on a spaceship and other locations. 30 minutes later we had a lesson plan asking the students to design new rooms in the spaceship and calculate the perimeter of the rooms while working within some constraints like the maximum size/length the perimeter could be for each room and for all rooms combined.

The next day I got a Whatsapp message from my partner about the math lesson and it simply said – “they love this Among Us stuff”. It even had one of those emojis with the monkey and the hands over the eyes.

This was when I knew I could use my experience in the videogame industry to create learning resources to support children and how ClassBridges was created. ClassBridges creates math resources based on popular videogames to help engage children and boost their math grades.

I'm ready to boost my child's math grades using the power of videogames!



How do you create these worksheets?
I've created a method called the P.A.R.R.O.T Framework that means I can look at a game, identify the key features and then use those features as the context for Math questions. I then look at the types of Math taught in the classroom and the topics that should be covered for the age group and combine the two - the math topics and the game features.


Are there worksheets available for other games?
Yes! Because we have the P.A.R.R.O.T Framework it doesn't take us long to create worksheets for other games. Tell us the game your child plays and we can create some worksheets for that game.


Do you create worksheets for other age groups?
At the moment we have worksheets based on the math topics taught at the 8-9 age group but we are in the process of creating some for the 7-8 age group.


My child is really struggling with a specific Math topic - can you create customized resources for them?
Absolutely! We have a different service where we work with you to create a learning plan for your child and once we understand your child, the math topic they need to focus on and their favorite game our team begins the process of creating customized resources. We do this over a 16 week period with regular check-ins with you as the parent to see how your child is progressing and which resources they liked and which they didn't so we can continue to customize during the program.
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